Soul Inspired

Soul Inspired Mastermind – NEW for 2021!

I’m so HAPPY you landed on this page. Now more than ever, it is my deepest commitment to provide guidance and direction to women who want to start showing up in life, career, and business.

Why is this important? Imagine doing what you love every single day. Imagine getting out of bed knowing you are going to make a difference. This was me one year ago. I could imagine everything, I could feel there was so much more for me.

My soul was called to join a 12 month mastermind where I meet 13 wonderful people from around the world. (no joke) We meet on Zoom 3 times a month at the same time for one whole year. It has now been added to my list of my greatest commitments and journeys. I healed so many years of my life that would not let me move forward with my business. I gained insight and ideas from my group that I never could have imagined. It was exactly what I needed. It was exactly what we all needed even though we were all on different journeys of growth personally and professionally.

I needed to experience this, I wanted to offer something like this for years, but had no idea what it would look like, now I know!

I would love to have you join my brand new Soul Inspired Mastermind! This is for women, looking to grow! If you have access to the Zoom app or website you can literally join from anywhere. This is so handy. As a busy mom I joined in with my kids around, from the beach, my car, visiting grandparents. It was important for me to show up. If you have kids I can help you get clear on setting boundaries with your time.

Are you:

-feeling unmotivated?
-stuck professionally?
-wanting to grow your business?
-looking for innovation?
-open to hearing suggestions?
-interested in achieving new goals?
-wanting to find like minded people?

Soul Inspired Mastermind includes:

-6 month commitment
-Two 60 minute live zoom calls each month.
-Three private 30 minute coaching calls within the 6 months.
-Private Facebook community.
-The support you need.

$ 249 per month

Doors open for January 2021

Limited to 12