I’m Carrie Lecuyer!

A small town Alberta girl who loves being married to the most awesome person I know. I am a mom with two adventurous, confident little boys that I adore. My day to day life is consumed with thoughts around my family. I live for them every day!

Being active is very important to me. I wake up and check the calendar to see what is happening for the day and plan when I think it would be best to workout. I have a standard activity level I keep, as I never know what day it will be that I decide to sign up for my next race. This could be a running race, spartan race, or even a triathlon. I love all these races so when l decide to compete, I’m all in! I love to challenge myself.

A certified Life Coach, Career Development Practitioner, True Colours Facilitator and Speaker.  I love having meaningful conversations with people and listening to what they are saying and not saying. I love picking up clues and asking questions that create excitement in a persons face, tone or body language. It’s neat! Like a light has just been turned on. You know that feeling? I sure do. 

In 2003 I fell into a job of Career Development that became a passionate career that really changed my life. It offered creativity, personal growth, more education, listening to clients and assisting them with their own personal growth. I grew the position quickly and knew there was so much more I could offer people. I have worked with the most amazing group of people who really encouraged growth, so I maxed out my personal development budget every year, took every training opportunity I could and volunteered my butt off. In my first year I had 10 new life/career goals, and over the next 10 years I worked and completed all of them.   

But still wanted to do more. I knew there was more.

Now, I am fortunate enough to work from home with my clients! From my home to yours. Best of all I get to be at home with my bos!

What Else do you want to know About me?

1. Favourite Food

2. Favourite PAST TIME

3. Favourite Flower

4. Favourite pet

5. Favourite Family time?

6. secret skill

7. Favourite sport

8. Favourite place to explore

9. would you tackle a 1/2 marathon?

10. parenting…