Our office participated in Carries goals setting workshop! I am a motivated person and although I feel I am good a setting goals, today after Carrie’s presentation I have put a personal one to the forefront and am very excited to begin working towards it this year. Carrie shares great stories and examples of goal setting. She is not only motivational but inspirational, a amazing example of going after what you want.

Toree Hagel,
Dental Assistant


I was getting ready to run a 1/2 marathon in Canmore. I saw a lady wearing an ironman jacket and asked if she had done the race. She said yes! I asked if I could question her about ironman competitions. We sat down, had some coffee and the long and short of it is a year later at age 53, I walked up to Carrie at my first sprint triathlon a year later and said thank you for inspiring me to be here today! Carrie took the time to talk to me and inspire me to give it a shot, my daughter and I both completed our first triathlon.

Inspired Mom and Grandma!


An excellent experience! Carrie left me with many ideas and tools I will actually use!  
Michelle Haag,



“Graduating from a small town high school leads you into a new world with endless opportunities and choices as to what’s next. Carrie easily made me feel less overwhelmed and was able to present post-secondary options clearly and effectively. With the help of Carrie, I found what program best suited me and was able to apply to every school I wanted to without struggle. Carrie was full of resources and provided me with tones of scholarship opportunities and bursaries to help finance my post-secondary education. What normally is an uneasy, confusing process was made enjoyable by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and extremely helpful Carrie Lecuyer.”

Lindsey Crowle



“Carrie’s inspirational coaching helped me through a transitional period not only in my professional career but also in my life. When I started with Carrie, I was winding up my position as Mayor of Hanna and also looking to make a change in the direction of my career. With Carrie’s guidance and support, I was able to make these important changes, while focusing on what was important to my future for myself and my family. As well as her being there to support me through this transition, she was able to give me practical assistance such as updating my resume with a vibrant, professional look which helped me market myself and my experience. I would recommend Carrie to anyone looking to make a change in their future, whether it is their career or life!

Mark Nikota
Former Mayor of Hanna



“Carrie communicates clearly and effectively not only with her colleagues, but also with those to whom she is providing coaching services. Observing her interacting with youth, I’ve seen Carrie listen attentively, with a warm and smiling countenance, making it easy for people to confide in her. I’ve been pleased to see her responses to students and colleagues carefully framed and thoughtfully developed, then pleasantly expressed. I like the way Carrie asks questions, then provided time and space people need to answer her, and themselves. On behalf of student and their parents, Carrie researchers carefully to provide relevant and pertinent information. She does not hesitate to engage in time consuming searches including going to best sources to ensure accuracy of information.

“Carrie’s personal code of ethical behaviour is an exemplar for peers and colleagues. Carrie is extremely discreet and confidences with trust. She has experience and endured difficult situations involving youth, their parents and teachers with equanimity and stoicism usually observed in caregivers much older and more experienced.  Equally, she shares joyous and happy times without reserve and with enthusiasm fostering wonderful shared memories of life’s achievements.

Barry Davis
Prairie Land Regional Division #25 –  School Board Trustee



“ I have set, attempted, and completed goals in my life because of the inspiration Carrie sends out and offers to her colleagues.”

Angela Job
J.C. Chayrk Hanna School



“Life is not meant to be easy, and for myself I had to overcome several obstacles and hardships, having someone to talk too about these personal issues helped me immensely during high school. I first met Carrie in grade 9 and have remained close ever since. Throughout high school I gained valuable knowledge on ensuring I was picking the right post-secondary institution, how to deal with personal hardships and time management as well. Carrie was a great life coach to myself and friend, her knowledge and support allowed me to overcome and I am now attending university and pursuing my dreams. Thank you for everything you have done over the years, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person writing this today without your guidance and support, thank you.”

Levi Hayworth
Student – University of Calgary