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Take Back Your Year

Mindset matters. Whether it is your relationships, goals, health, business, or your lifestyle, there is always room to improve, especially in a year where there has been much unknown.  This is the perfect time to come together as a community and build a vibrant future that we can get excited about, discover hope, and see the opportunities that are right in front of you. Create a vision that will help you unlock the power of your subconscious thinking. Achieve your goals and keep them at the top of your mind. Let’s reach your goals.

Seeing Strength

Consistency is key. A 5-week program designed to help you realign with who you are. What if instead of feeling like you were at your wits end with to do lists and busy schedule… you made it through your day feeling powerful? What if you were able to release self-doubt, negative self-talk, anxiety, and fear? How would you feel? Designed to empower women, rediscover purpose and bring back joy to impact life moving forward in a new creative way.

A Season of Building a Community

Leadership. Coming together as a community to gather wisdom and insight, choosing to reach for positivity and solutions instead of allowing our fears to rule us. Whether you are leading a team, a family or yourself, leadership skills are crucial. Learn how to show up even when you are uncertain.

Get Ready to Rise

Turn fear into faith. There are three keys to unlocking your magic. Getting clear on your intentions, goals and to-do-list and bring them out through your core values and get back into your life, your work, and community with confidence. You have two options Evolve or Repeat.

What others are saying!

“How is it you know how to ask certain questions that make us bring out the answers we are  looking for? I’m so intrigued… Is there a manual” I loved it!

Nadine Piontek

Listening to Carrie speak makes me feel inspired! Her positivity is infectious! I highly recommend taking Carries workshops!

Christina Durette,
FCSS Young Family Connections