Women Supporting Women

Seeing people make a shift in life and start doing what they love on their own journey, lights me up. 
We only have one life to live, and I think you just got to go for it.
Decide you are enough!
What an honor to know that I am the inspiration behind women creating and moving towards their dream.
Are you ready or think of taking the next “BIG” step? Believe in yourself and make it happen with the energy of the stones in the INSPIRED wire-wrap bracelet designed and handmade by Mona Amiot.

The Stardust Collection

•Clear Quartz – Enhances psychic abilities. Aids concentration and unlocks the memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Enhances the abilities of the other stones.

•Lava Stone – Provides strength and courage through times of change and its porous surface can hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil for extra-vibration enhancement

•Larvikite – Helps to connect with Mother Nature.  Stimulates intuition and brings clarity to the mind.

•Sodalite – Intensifies the need for truth and promotes seeing clearly.  Boosts intuition and self-esteem.  Calms your mind and encourages rational thought.

•Blue Kyanite – Encourages communication and self-expression.  Liberates you from frustration and stress.  Does not require cleansing or recharging as it does not hold onto negative energies.  Aligns all the chakras.

•Labradorite – Enhances mental and intuitive abilities.  Calms and overactive mind and energizes imagination.  Brings back joy and spontaneity.  Helps emotional drain of a daily routine or responsibility.  Facilitates peaceful, restful and a deep sleep Awakens a sense of adventure and change.  Encourages to go after your dreams.  Clears the negative energy so you can let your inner light shine and reach your true potential.

•Gunmetal/Hematite – For grounding, calming, protection and self-esteem

Disclaimer: Healing Stone meanings are not replacements for medical prescriptions or medical advice.